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Leveraging our extensive experience in supply chain management software development serving a variety of industries, we enhance your supply chain visibility, demand planning, and procurement processes. Our commitment to creating solutions that manage inventory effectively and respond to customer demands efficiently is unmatched, driving your business towards greater success.

Prioxis specializes in building software for supply chain management, incorporating features for inventory management systems, facilitating electronic data interchange (EDI), planning material requirements (MRP), and optimizing order management systems (OMS) among other supply chain enterprise apps.

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Prioxis specializes in advanced supply chain software solutions, offering custom web and mobile apps for optimal inventory and transportation management. Our software enhances supply chain visibility, streamlines business operations, and boosts customer satisfaction. With a focus on seamless integration and efficient order processing, Prioxis is your go-to partner for enhancing supply chain efficiency and meeting dynamic customer demands.

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Our Supply Chain Software Development Services

Supply Chain Planning and Optimization

Prioxis utilizes AI for actionable insights on supply chain efficiency, featuring a digital twin for scenario testing. This approach ensures cost-effective customer demand fulfillment and harmonizes supply chain elements.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Prioxis's Control Tower offers real-time, AI-powered visibility into supply chain activities, enhancing risk management and supplier collaboration through configurable dashboards and a shared issue resolution space.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

With technologies like RFID and computer vision, Prioxis ensures precise inventory tracking and automation of replenishment, reducing costs and enhancing order fulfillment efficiency.

Logistics Management

Prioxis streamlines logistics with real-time freight tracking, route optimization, and IoT connectivity for product condition monitoring, improving delivery timeliness and reducing costs.

Procurement Management

Prioxis automates procurement processes, from creating purchase orders to supplier collaboration, ensuring efficient purchasing practices and improved spend visibility.

Supplier Relationship Management

Prioxis facilitates supplier engagement through analytics-driven sourcing and performance management, offering a supplier portal for effective collaboration and compliance management.

Order Management

Prioxis optimizes order processing with AI-guided routing and fulfillment methods, enhancing order accuracy and customer satisfaction while reducing fulfillment costs.

Supply Chain Analytics

Through ML and AI, Prioxis delivers actionable insights for supply chain management, offering trend analysis and optimal decision support for minimized risks and optimized costs.

Supply Chain Management Software Consulting

Prioxis provides expert SCM software consulting, from design to integration and post-launch support, ensuring seamless operations and improved business and customer satisfaction outcomes.

Our Expansive Supply Chain Management Portfolio

Proven IT Solutions & Client Success Stories

Explore how our diverse IT portfolio and client based case studies demonstrate the benefits of choosing Prioxis as their software solution partner.

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Leverage The Benefits of Supply Chain Management Software Development

  • Demand Forecasting Precision

  • Supply Chain Visibility

  • Inventory Management Software Optimization

  • Resource Utilization

  • Sales Order Fulfillment

  • Supplier Collaboration

Demand Forecasting Precision

Prioxis enhances demand forecasting accuracy, minimizing overstocking and stockouts. Our supply chain software solutions smartly adjust to customer demands, promoting optimal inventory levels and customer satisfaction.

Our Certifications

Our track record is solid, backed by a wide range of professional certifications and institutional accolades that enable us to set new standards in the technology services sector.

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The Prioxis Process: Your Pathway To Custom Supply Chain Management Excellence

Discuss your SCM software development visions and ideas with our experts and leverage our cutting-edge supply chain solutions to empower your SCM Services.

Strategic Planning and Consulting

Initiating with comprehensive planning to align with your business objectives.

Bespoke Visual and Technical Design

Crafting user experiences and robust technical frameworks designed for scalability.

Agile Development Process

Efficient and transparent development using the latest agile methodologies.

Streamlined Deployment

Ensuring a smooth transition to live environments with minimal operational disruption.

Continuous Upgrades and Support

Providing ongoing enhancements to keep your software at the leading edge.

Connect With Our SCM Software Experts

Prioxis's bespoke supply chain management software development delivers an optimized, automated, and seamlessly interconnected framework for all operational workflows and business processes.


  • 01

    What does supply chain software development by Prioxis involve?

    • At Prioxis, supply chain software development encompasses crafting customized solutions that automate and refine your supply chain processes. Our focus is on delivering systems that not only streamline operations from procurement to order fulfillment but also ensure that inventory management is seamless and efficient. Through our development, we aim to enhance your business's operational workflows, making them more interoperable and automated.

  • 02

    How can Prioxis's supply chain solutions benefit my business?

    • Our supply chain solutions are designed to significantly improve the efficiency and visibility of your supply chain. By incorporating advanced technologies, we help businesses optimize their supply chain planning, manage inventory more effectively, and make accurate demand forecasts. This leads to improved order fulfillment rates, reduced costs, and a better ability to meet customer demands, thus enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

  • 03

    Can Prioxis help with demand forecasting?

    • Yes, our solutions excel in demand forecasting by analyzing past sales data, market trends, and other relevant factors. This allows us to provide businesses with accurate predictions about future demand, helping them to better align their inventory with expected customer needs and avoid issues like overstocking or stockouts.

  • 04

    Why is a mobile app important for supply chain management?

    • A mobile app for supply chain management, developed by Prioxis, puts vital supply chain functions at your fingertips. This allows for real-time monitoring and management of supply chain activities, improving decision-making and responsiveness. With a mobile app, businesses can ensure their supply chain operations are more flexible and accessible, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • 05

    How does Prioxis ensure its supply chain solutions integrate smoothly with existing systems?

    • Integration is key to the success of any supply chain solution. At Prioxis, we ensure our software seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems, allowing for uninterrupted data flow and communication across all channels. This integration is critical for maintaining a cohesive operation that supports efficient business processes and supply chain visibility.

  • 06

    What role does inventory management software play in supply chain operations?

    • Inventory management software is crucial for maintaining optimal stock levels, ensuring timely order fulfillment, and reducing carrying costs. Our solutions provide detailed insights into inventory status, enabling businesses to manage their inventory effectively and meet both current and future customer demands efficiently.

  • 07

    How does Prioxis's software enhance customer satisfaction in supply chain management?

    • By optimizing every aspect of the supply chain, from inventory management to demand planning and order processing, our software ensures that businesses can meet their customer's expectations consistently. Timely deliveries and the ability to respond quickly to customer demands significantly enhance customer satisfaction levels.

  • 08

    Can Prioxis's supply chain solutions streamline procurement processes?

    • Absolutely. Our supply chain solutions automate and optimize procurement processes, making it easier for businesses to manage purchase orders, select suppliers, and maintain relationships. By providing a streamlined approach to procurement, we help businesses save time, reduce costs, and improve their overall supply chain efficiency.

  • 09

    What impact do Prioxis's solutions have on order processing?

    • Our supply chain solutions automate the order processing workflow, ensuring that orders are processed quickly and accurately. This not only speeds up the order fulfillment process but also minimizes errors, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • 10

    How does Prioxis adapt to dynamic market conditions in inventory and demand planning?

    • Prioxis uses advanced analytics and machine learning to adapt to changing market conditions. Our systems analyze a wide range of data to forecast demand accurately and adjust inventory levels accordingly. This proactive approach ensures that businesses are always prepared to meet their customer's needs, regardless of market fluctuations.

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