Project Brief

Prioxis leverages its expertise in aged care software, care management software, and aged care management software to create a software solution that enhances aged care services. Our system is crafted with care management, care plan optimizations, and user-friendly interfaces, focusing on improving the quality of life and quality of care for older adults in the ageing population.

Our aged care management software provides features like medication management, personalized care plans, and efficient processes for family members to engage, which not only saves time for care teams but also significantly enhances the quality of aged care software systems. By incorporating aged care automation and IT solutions for aged care, we help aged care homes, nursing homes, and home care services manage older people and senior care more effectively, ensuring improved quality of care and quality of life.

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Business Model

Time & Material

Org Size

11 - 50

Business Goals

  • Seamless Visitor Management: Enhance user experience with efficient visitor pre-booking and sign-in processes
  • Data Protection: Implement robust data protection to secure personal care information and maintain privacy
  • Streamlined Management: Simplify aged care facility management, reducing complexity and stress
  • Improved Quality of Care: Utilize technology for personalized care plans, improving engagement and outcomes for older adults
  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: Develop solutions that allow care teams to focus more on personal care rather than administrative tasks


  • Reliable Cloud-Based Solution: Creating a reliable solution on cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure for seamless aged care facility operations
  • Tab-Based Execution for Staff: Ensuring a user-friendly, tab-based platform for facility management staff
  • Automatic Task Identification: Automating task identification for maintenance staff to increase operational throughput
  • User-Friendly Configuration: Designing a 3-D diagram configuration for easy facility navigation and task management
  • Real-Time Tracking: Developing a system for real-time tracking of tasks and operations to boost efficiency and throughput

Technology Stack For Web & Mobile App Development.

With Expertise In These Technology Stack

Our Approach in Developing Aged Care Management Software

Cloud-Based Backend Solution

Architected on Microsoft Azure for a seamless user experience, supporting real-time updates.

BLE Communication

Precise task management with BLE-based communication with Android tablets.

Facility 3-D Diagram Configuration

User-friendly and visually accessible 3-D configuration for facility tasks.

Comprehensive Web Application

A web application for facility management staff and administrators to enhance operational control.

Outcomes & Values Delivered

Efficient Facility Maintenance

Hassle-free maintenance with our BLE-integrated Android tablet solution.

Enhanced Operational Throughput

Efficient task allocation and real-time execution tracking increase operational efficiency.

Improved Quality of Care

Our software enables personalized care and effective management, improving health outcomes for older adults.



Integrating BLE Technology and Tablet-Based Flutter Applications in Aged Care Management Software

  • Targeted Task Management

  • Seamless Team Communication

  • Ease of Use

  • Energy-Smart Operation

Targeted Task Management

By leveraging BLE for pinpoint location tracking, we ensure that tasks are accurately assigned and managed. This is especially vital in settings like aged care homes, where delivering timely and individualized care is a top priority.

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