Project Brief

Developing efficient and reliable data reporting software for effective Applicant Management System, revolutionizes the process of background screening and drug testing, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and cost-effectiveness for over 100000+ reports on an average.

Leveraging advanced technologies, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and cloud computing, our system addresses the pressing needs of modern businesses for efficient management reporting software, integrating seamlessly with management reporting systems to offer unparalleled data and report reporting capabilities.

Business Goals

  • Streamline workflows through automation, minimizing manual tasks for both applicants and administrators to boost efficiency and reduce errors
  • Implement OCR technology for precise data extraction from images and documents, accelerating invoice processing and transaction cycles
  • Develop a system for easy integration with various platforms like Xero and M Files, offering a versatile solution for diverse business requirements
  • Deploy a reliable, scalable cloud-based system that supports business growth without compromising performance or user experience
  • Introduce an automated invoice management solution to reduce manual effort, saving time and resources for businesses


  • Flawless OCR Integration: Mastered seamless integration of OCR technology for streamlined administrative efficiency, conquering technical complexities
  • Complex Multi-Platform Integration: Achieved harmonious interoperability across diverse platforms, including Xero and M Files, ensuring seamless system functionality
  • Reliable Cloud-Based Innovation: Crafted a robust, cloud-based automated invoice management system, epitomizing reliability and scalability while setting new standards for performance excellence

Technology Stack For Web & Mobile App Development.

With Expertise In These Technology Stack

  • Databases

  • Azure functions

  • Framework

  • Language

Strategic Approach to the Automated Testing System With Web Application Development

Defining Objectives and System Scope

We outlined the system’s objectives, emphasizing the use of OCR technology to automate invoice processing and applicant data management, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Architectural and Design Excellence

Crafted a software architecture that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure Forms and various triggers (timer, blob, queue) for a fully automated solution, ensuring scalability and reliability.

Development and Precision Testing

Utilized agile development methodologies to develop the web application, followed by extensive testing to ensure compatibility with platforms like Xero and M Files, and reliability of cloud-based operations.

Ongoing Optimization

Committed to continuous monitoring and iterative improvements post-launch, ensuring the system remains cutting-edge and fully responsive to user needs.

Results & Values Delivered

Automated Invoice and Testing Processes

Leveraging Azure Form Recognizer and OCR technology, we've automated critical processes, enabling companies to generate and send invoices, and receive test results with no manual intervention, enhancing operational efficiency.

Seamless Integration

The system's design ensures smooth integration with complex multi-platform environments, offering a streamlined solution for automated invoice management.

Cloud-Based Reliability

Our deployment of Azure functions and a .NET Core framework ensures a highly scalable and reliable application, capable of supporting high volumes of data and transactions.

Empowered Decision-Making with Real-Time Data

Leveraging real-time data, the Applicant Info Portfolio enables businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions, enhancing business performance at a high level.

Streamlined Reporting for Financial Clarity

The core of our solution lies in its ability to simplify financial report generation, enabling businesses to effortlessly analyze data and generate comprehensive reports that offer invaluable insights into their operations.

Historical Data Analysis for Future Strategy

With advanced analytical tools, the portfolio serves as a bridge between past performance and future strategies. Users can delve into historical data, drawing lessons and patterns to inform better decision-making.

Efficiency Through Automation and Customization

Our reporting solution is designed for efficiency, allowing users to automate data collection and customize reports through an intuitive interface, saving valuable time and ensuring tailored reports.



Transforming Invoice Management & Report Reporting Software with OCR and Microsoft Azure

  • Effortless Data Extraction

  • Streamlined Invoice Processing

  • Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability

  • Improved Accessibility of Data

  • Seamless Integration with Business Systems

  • Cost Reduction

  • Better Compliance and Record-Keeping

Effortless Data Extraction

OCR technology eliminates the need for manual data entry by automatically converting images of text into machine-readable formats, allowing quick capture and processing of invoice information without manual effort.

Highlighting Our Technology Expertise

  • Web-Based Background Screening

    Provides real-time status and reporting accessible 24/7, with over 99.5% uptime, ensuring continuous availability and accessibility for users.

  • Data Security

    Exceeds PCI compliance standards to ensure utmost data protection, safeguarding sensitive information against unauthorized access or breaches.

  • Robust Connectivity

    Utilizes secure VPN and phone systems with multi-telecom provider links to minimize network failure risks, ensuring uninterrupted operations and communication.

  • Rapid Drug Test Results

    Delivers drug test results in 10 minutes for non-regulated tests, available across the US, Canada, and Mexico, providing quick and reliable insights for decision-making.

  • Extensive Integrations

    Compatible with over 200 XML platforms, including numerous commercial and proprietary Applicant Tracking Systems, ensuring seamless integration and interoperability.

  • OCR via Azure Forms

    Automates text conversion from images, enhancing invoice and financial processes by accurately extracting data from documents, improving efficiency and accuracy.

  • Azure Functions

    Supports cloud integration, enabling a seamless automated invoice system with multi-platform compatibility, leveraging Microsoft Azure's serverless computing capabilities.

  • .NET Core & gRPC

    Ensures scalability and high performance through a robust framework and network communication, providing a reliable foundation for developing scalable and efficient applications.

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