Project Brief

Prioxis introduces an innovative solution designed to revolutionize the way text notifications are received and processed. Utilizing Azure Function App and Azure Text to Speech services, this project seamlessly converts textual notifications into synthesized speech, delivering audio content through a secure, ASP.NET web interface. The solution excels in providing high-quality, natural-sounding voice outputs in multiple languages, ensuring accessibility and enhanced user engagement.

Audio bot turns voice recording into text quickly and clearly in more than 100 different languages. Make the text even more accurate for special words or terms by adjusting the settings. Get more out of your text to speech technology and voice recordings by making the text easy to search or analyze, or by setting up actions based on the text, all using the choice of your programming language.

Business Goals

  • Enhance Transcription Accuracy: Use model customization to improve text-to-speech conversion accuracy for technical and industry-specific terms, ensuring precise transcriptions.
  • Scalability: Design a scalable architecture to handle growing volumes of audio without sacrificing performance, catering to an expanding user base.
  • Data Analytics and Search: Enable advanced search and analytics on transcribed text, unlocking insights and actions from audio content across multiple languages.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Develop an adaptable solution that integrates easily across various programming environments, facilitating widespread adoption.


  • Language Variants and Accents: Accurately transcribe audio in over 100 languages and dialects, addressing accents and regional differences for high transcription accuracy.
  • Custom Model Efficiency: Efficiently train and deploy custom models for better terminology recognition, balancing resource use and training data needs.
  • Searchable Transcribed Text: Implement fast, efficient search and analytics on large volumes of transcribed text, turning data into actionable insights.
  • Programming Language Flexibility: Offer a versatile API that supports integration with various programming languages, enhancing developer convenience.

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  • Cloud Services

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Our Approach in Developing Text to Speech software

Functional & Non-Functional Requirements

High-quality text to speech conversion with secure access control via group codes and scalable architecture to support increased user load.

Use Cases & User Journey

Reviewed and refined with stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive understanding of user needs and expectations.


Designed to comply with both functional and non-functional requirements, integrating Azure services for scalability and efficiency.

Agile Implementation

Adopted a sprint-based approach for incremental deliveries, enabling continuous improvement and stakeholder feedback incorporation.

User Feedback & Evolution

Actively sought user feedback to iterate and evolve the solution, enhancing functionality and user experience.

Results and Values Delivered

Accessible Content

Made textual notifications audibly accessible, significantly expanding content reach.

Seamless User Engagement

Delivered superior audio quality that mimics natural human speech, elevating user interactions with content.

Scalable and Secure Solution

Successfully deployed a solution that not only meets current demand but is poised for future growth, all while maintaining stringent security standards.

Custom Speech Recognition

Our customizable models are fine-tuned to meet client needs, enhancing accuracy by incorporating specialized terminology into speech-to-text conversions.

Deployment Flexibility

With support for both cloud and on-premises deployments via containers, our solution offers scalable, secure speech recognition services tailored to client environments.

Robust Technology

Leveraging advanced technology from Microsoft's speech recognition ensures our platform is both powerful and reliable, designed for demanding applications.

Broad Source Transcription

Our system adeptly transcribes from various sources, including microphones and digital storage, equipped with features for clear, automatically formatted transcripts.

Model Optimization

By customizing speech models with client-specific data and employing Office 365 data for automatic refinements, we've significantly overcome speech recognition challenges like background noise and accents, boosting overall accuracy.

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