Project Brief

The Car Book App, developed by Prioxis, is state of the art cab booking software, blending the art of material UI design with the power of Firebase technologies. Designed for both iOS and Android, this car hire mobile app embodies the pinnacle of taxi booking app development, offering users a seamless experience from booking rides to managing profiles and making secure payments.

Our integration of Google Maps, payment flexibility, and a detailed car registration process showcases our commitment to innovation in car rental mobile app development.

Business Goals

  • Expand Market Reach: Enhance accessibility to taxi and car rental services across urban areas.
  • Boost User Engagement: Deliver an intuitive and engaging app experience to increase user retention.
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency: Streamline the booking and management process for drivers and car rental companies.
  • Secure Market Position: Establish the app as a leading solution in the taxi and car rental market.


  • Aligning our efforts with the in-house development team to foster a cohesive development strategy.
  • Managing and optimizing a sophisticated existing infrastructure without impacting ongoing operations.

Our Approach in Mobile App Development

Functional & Non-Functional Requirements

Identified essential app features including GPS tracking, fare calculation, and secure payment methods, along with performance and security requirements.

Use cases & user journey

Developed comprehensive use cases and mapped out app user journeys, and reviewed them with stakeholders to ensure alignment with business goals.


Designed an architecture that supports both functional and non-functional requirements, emphasizing scalability and security.

Agile Implementation

Employed a sprint-based agile methodology for incremental deliveries, allowing for continuous improvement and stakeholder feedback.

User Feedback & Evolution

Integrated user feedback mechanisms to refine and evolve app functionalities, enhancing user satisfaction over time.

Results and Values Delivered By Our Taxi App Development Services

Material Design Implementation

Achieved an aesthetic material UI/UX design, improving user engagement.

Enhanced User Authentication

Implemented a secure OTP-based login system, enhancing user trust.

Real-Time Navigation

Integrated Google Maps with custom markers, improving the booking experience.

Payment Flexibility

Enabled multiple secure payment methods, increasing user convenience.

Cross platform Mobile Application



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Benefits of Hiring Taxi Booking App Development Company

  • On-demand car rental and taxi booking

  • User and driver profile management

  • GPS tracking with Google Maps

  • Secure payment gateway integration

  • Push notifications for real-time updates

On-demand car rental and taxi booking

Offering users a wide range of transport options.

Highlight Technologies of the Project

  • Flutter for cross-platform mobile development

    Ensuring a consistent user experience.

  • Firebase

    For real-time database management, authentication, and storage solutions.

  • Google Maps

    For advanced mapping and navigation capabilities.

Certificates That Symbolizes Excellence

Certificates highlighting our excellence in providing innovative Custom Enterprise Software Development, customer relationship management CRM, and top-quality technology solutions

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