Project Brief

We created a cloud-based Printing SaaS tailored for agriculture and horticulture labeling needs. This bespoke software solution allows users to design, customize, and print labels using cloud technology for reliability and scalability. With user-friendly templates and robust integration features, this software aims to set new standards in labeling for the agriculture and horticulture sectors

Business Goals

  • Boost Operational Productivity: Automate and streamline the label design and printing workflow to reduce operational time and improve efficiency effectively.
  • Accuracy and Error Reduction: Utilize intelligent automation to decrease data entry mistakes and enhance the precision of labels, ensuring they are accurate the first time.
  • Simpler Labeling Process: Remove unnecessary steps in the labeling environment with a user-friendly label printing process, saving time.
  • Enhance User Experience: Provide an innovative, easy-to-navigate solution that increases user satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Scalability: Offer a scalable solution that can grow with the business, accommodating increased demand and expanding operations without significant additional investment.


  • Customization Complexity: Crafting a flexible platform that serves various labeling needs while maintaining user simplicity.
  • System Integration: Ensure the software integrates smoothly with clients’ existing printers and management systems for efficient data management.
  • Performance Optimization: Ensuring that the software operates efficiently under high workloads and provides quick response times to users.
  • Network Reliability: Developing a solution that can handle intermittent connectivity issues, especially in remote agricultural areas, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Technology Stack

To create the automated label printing software, we required a stack that is always available, serves as an all-in-one platform, and consistently delivers top performance

  • Front-end

  • Back-end

  • Database

  • DevOps

Our Approach in building Custom SaaS Development Strategy

Defining Functional & Non-Functional Requirements

For our horticulture labeling software, we started by identifying both functional requirements—what the software needs to do (i.e., automated label printing and design) and non-functional requirements (i.e., scalability, reliability, and usability.) This ensured our solution was effective and met high-quality standards tailored to the horticulture industry's specific needs.

Mapping Use Cases & User Journeys

We closely reviewed use cases and user journeys with stakeholders to ensure every aspect of the software aligns with user expectations and industry workflows. This step is vital in crafting a user-centric solution that simplifies label design and printing. We aimed to design it intuitively for users to navigate through thousands of custom label templates and print labels effortlessly.

Architecture Design

We designed a robust, compliant architecture based on the outlined requirements and user insights. Our software architecture supports the unique demands of the horticulture industry, offering a cloud-based, scalable platform that seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

Agile Implementation & Incremental Deliveries

We employed agile practices and provided sprint-based incremental deliveries. This approach enabled us to refine the software continuously, ensuring each update is in sync with user feedback and emerging trends. It enabled rapid deployment of features, keeping the software adaptive and aligned with the fast-paced nature of the horticulture industry.

User Feedback & Evolution

After deployment, we prioritized user feedback, incorporating it into the software's evolution. This ongoing refinement ensured the software met and anticipated user requirements, enhancing operational efficiency and user satisfaction. The constant feedback enabled us to make targeted improvements and enhance the software's performance, usability, and reliability.

Innovation and Technology Integration

Throughout the development of horticulture labeling software, we leveraged cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices in cloud computing, UI/UX design , and data management. This ensured our solution remained at the forefront of the horticulture labeling software market, offering superior user experience and advanced functionality

Results and Values Delivered

Significantly Faster Processes

We streamlined the label design and printing process, making it quicker and more efficient. This means businesses can do more in less time, helping them grow without adding extra work.

Increased Accuracy

Due to automation, data entry errors were drastically reduced. This ensured labels were correct the first time, and minimized rework and associated costs.

Higher User Satisfaction

Thanks to our software's easier-to-use interface and more flexible design options, users find creating labels more enjoyable and less stressful. This leads to happier clients who can easily make the labels they need.

Boosted Business Efficiency

Overall improvements in speed and accuracy enhanced operational efficiency, translating to significant time and cost savings.

  • Automated Designing

  • Dynamic Label Templates

  • Seamless Integration

  • Exceptional User Experience

  • Quality and Precision

Automated Designing

Our horticulture software automates the label designing process, offering a rich library of custom label templates tailored for horticultural products. Users can design, customize, and print thousands of labels in minutes, significantly reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Highlighting our Technology Expertise

  • Azure Cloud Integration

    Our software utilizes Azure's cloud services to provide secure, scalable access from anywhere in the world. Azure facilitates our software's ability to efficiently scale, accommodating business growth and fluctuating demands with ease, crucial for expanding operations.

  • Interactive Front Ends with Angular

    Angular powers our dynamic and responsive web application interface, making user interactions, such as label design and printing, smooth and immediate. This reduces wait times and boosts overall efficiency, offering a superior user experience.

  • .NET Core and C# for a Robust Backend

    We rely on .NET Core and C#, a potent combination that underpins our software's backend. This setup ensures our application can manage multiple tasks swiftly and efficiently, keeping label design and printing operations quick and reliable.

  • Flexible Data Storage with CosmosDB and Azure SQL Elastic Pool

    Our choice of CosmosDB and Azure SQL Elastic Pool for data storage offers unmatched flexibility and scalability. These databases allow us to handle a diverse array of data efficiently, adapt quickly to new changes, and ensure optimal performance across a wide range of data types and structures.

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