Project Brief

Education App is a premium UI kit consisting of 20 screens designed for learning and teaching applications. The UI kit features reusable components and a responsive layout with constraints, allowing it to be adapted for various screen sizes.

The goal was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for educational apps on both web and mobile platforms.

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Business Goals

  • Achieve higher interaction rates by creating an engaging and interactive UI for educational users.
  • Improve satisfaction through a user-friendly interface that supports various learning styles.
  • Encourage users to personalize their app experience with customizable UI components.


  • Creating a User-Friendly Interface: One of the main challenges was designing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for users of all ages and technical abilities. Educational apps often need to cater to a diverse audience, including students, teachers, and parents, each with varying levels of familiarity with technology.
  • Accommodating Different Learning Styles: Every individual has a unique learning style, and our challenge was to design an interface that could adapt to various preferences. Some users may prefer visual aids, while others might respond better to auditory or interactive elements.

Technology Stack For Web & Mobile App Development.

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Our Approach in Education App Development


The project of eLearning App Development began with a comprehensive planning phase, where we defined the project scope, identified the target audience, and gathered requirements from stakeholders.


During the conceptualization stage, our designers explored various UI/UX concepts and design patterns that would best suit the educational app domain. They conducted user research, analyzed competitor apps, and created wireframes and prototypes to validate their ideas.


With a solid foundation laid, our design team proceeded to create high-fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes. They crafted the visual elements, typography, color schemes, and iconography, ensuring a visually appealing and intuitive user experience.

Results and Values Delivered

User Authentication

We built a user-friendly login and logout interface, allowing users to securely access their accounts. Additionally, it offers the convenience of logging in through popular platforms like Google and Facebook, streamlining the process.

Course Management

The UI provides an intuitive way to access and manage courses. Users can easily download course materials, view student lists for each course, and access assigned projects or assignments.

Personal Dashboard

Each user has access to a personalized dashboard that serves as a central hub for their educational activities. From this dashboard, users can follow updates, send messages, and track their earnings. This feature promotes engagement and fosters a sense of community within the app.

Accessibility Options

The app offers a light and dark mode option, catering to different user preferences and enhancing accessibility. Users can choose the mode that best suits their needs, ensuring a comfortable and visually appealing experience.

Course Tracking

Users can easily access their history of purchased courses and track their progress through the courses they have watched or completed. This helps users stay organized and allows them to pick up where they left off.

Analytics and Reporting

For course providers and instructors, the app includes comprehensive statistics and analytics on course sales. This data-driven approach enables them to monitor the performance of their offerings, make informed decisions, and optimize their strategies.

Customizable Design

The UI kit consists of 20 customizable screens, allowing for personalization and branding opportunities. Users or developers can adjust colors, themes, and other visual elements to align with their preferences or organizational branding guidelines.


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Highlighting Our Technology Expertise

  • Flutter and Dart

    The UI kit was developed using Flutter, a modern cross-platform framework, and Dart.

  • Animation Integration

    We incorporated engaging and smooth animations to the UI.

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