Project Brief

The Omni Platform CRM, developed by Prioxis, utilizes the robustness of Microsoft Azure, the flexibility of the .NET Core framework, and the power of C#.Net to offer unparalleled customer relationship management solutions. It's tailored for businesses aiming to enhance their customer support and interaction across various platforms like WeChat, Salesforce, Viber, and more, ensuring every customer request is managed with utmost precision and scalability.

Our CRM management software is here to change how you connect with your customers, making every interaction count, no matter where or how it happens. Powered by cutting-edge Big Data and ETL processes over Microsoft Azure, this CRM software project signifies a leap towards seamless, omnichannel marketing campaigns that are both scalable and efficient.

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Business Goals

  • Hyper-Scale CRM Integration: Facilitate CRM across platforms like WeChat, Salesforce, and Viber for optimal customer request management with scalability
  • Business Expansion: Enhance outreach and operational scalability
  • Profitability and Efficiency: Boost profits and reduce costs through advanced CRM strategies
  • Customer Satisfaction: Elevate client satisfaction with seamless multi-channel interactions


  • CRM Platform Architecture: Develop a seamless, integrative system for a vast user base
  • Scalability and Latency: Manage millions of users with minimal latency
  • Adaptive Evolution: Build a continually evolving platform to keep pace with digital engagement trends

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Our Approach in Developing Best CRM Software Development Process

Define The Scope And Goals Of The Omni CRM Platform

Initiates with in-depth analysis to capture client’s vision for a comprehensive Omni-Channel CRM solution, formulating strategic roadmap focusing on robust CRM management software integrating sales processes, customer support, and marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Plan The Architecture And Design Of The CRM

Meticulously maps out entire Omni-Channel CRM project, selects right technologies, and finalizes design for unified customer experience across all touchpoints. From site's architecture to color schemes and user interface, every aspect is fine-tuned, leveraging Microsoft Azure for cloud computing capabilities.

Follow Agile Development & Test The Platform

Adopts agile methodologies to ensure flexibility and commitment to project's goals throughout development process. Integrates quality assurance from onset, consistently delivering value to clients, ensuring CRM tools meet needs of sales teams and enhance customer information management. Development team skilled in C#.Net and .NET Core framework engages in agile sprints, making process transparent and conducive to high-quality outcomes.

Final Delivery & Monitoring The CRM

Shifts focus to optimizing CRM platform's performance after development, ensuring it meets demands of handling customer information and supporting sales management effectively. Regularly updates licenses and introduces new features aligned with product roadmap, guaranteeing CRM solutions' continuous evolution to meet changing needs of businesses.

Results & Value Delivered

Comprehensive Customer Engagement

Integration of sales, customer support, and marketing campaigns ensures cohesive customer journey and superior user experience in Omni-Channel CRM platform.

High-Performance Solutions

Utilization of Microsoft Azure and .NET Core results in CRM platform capable of real-time customer data processing, supporting dynamic sales processes, and efficient contact information management by sales reps.

Superior Client Satisfaction

Omni-channel CRM solutions rated highly across key performance indicators—quality, timeliness, and client satisfaction—empowering businesses to enhance customer relationships and drive growth.

Future-Ready Platform

Scalable, secure CRM management software designed for continuous improvement, supporting businesses in adapting to new customer engagement channels and behaviors.

Scalability and Integration

Achieved seamless integration across multiple platforms, enabling businesses to provide unified customer experience with Omni-Channel CRM.



Benefits of Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Platform

  • Seamless Connections Across All Channels

    Our Omni-Channel CRM lets you keep in touch with your customers across all platforms – social media, email, phone calls, or even in-person visits. This means you can offer them a smooth and personalized experience every time. It’s all about making sure your team has the right info at the right time, so every customer feels valued.

  • Designed for Every Business

    Whether you’re a small businesses, startup or a big enterprise, our CRM is built for you. It brings together everything – sales, support, and marketing – in one place. This helps everyone in your team stay on the same page and makes your customers happy by offering them a consistent experience across the board.

  • Power Up Your Team

    Our CRM is a game-changer for your sales and support teams. It gives them quick access to all the customer info they need, making it easier to have meaningful conversations and build stronger relationships. Plus, it saves time, so they can focus more on what they do best – helping your customers.

  • The Best Tech at Your Fingertips

    We use the latest technology, including Microsoft Azure and Zoho CRM, to make sure our Omni-Channel CRM is as powerful and reliable as it gets. This means your data is safe, your system runs smoothly, and you get all the advanced features you need to stay ahead.

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