Project Brief

To make it easy for people to recycle or sell their scrap in an environmentally friendly way, we developed the Scrap Collector App. This app helps address the problem of scrap materials ending up in landfills and polluting the environment. With the Scrap Collector App, users can schedule a convenient time for someone to come and pick up their scrap items right from their doorstep. They have two options: either receive a fair price for selling their scrap or donate it.

The Scrap Collection App is built using Flutter, which means it works seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices. It has a user-friendly interface that allows users to personalize the app's appearance with different themes, making it more engaging to use.

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Business Goals

  • Implement mechanisms to fetch and display real-time scrap prices for various materials, enabling users to accurately value their scrap.
  • Develop a scheduling system that allows users to conveniently book scrap pickups, specifying preferred dates, times, and locations.
  • Build a system for rewarding users with coins, badges, or other incentives based on their participation in scrap selling or donation activities.


  • Environmental Concerns: When people do not have a straightforward way to sell or recycle their scrap items, they often throw them away with regular garbage. This is harmful to the environment because many scrap materials like plastics and metals do not decompose easily.
  • Inconvenience: It can be very inconvenient for working individuals to keep track of when and where scrap dealers visit their area to collect scrap. Missing these visits means scrap piles up at home, creating clutter and potential health hazards.
  • Lack of Knowledge: Most people do not have accurate information about the current market prices for different types of scrap materials. As a result, they often end up being underpaid when selling their scrap. Additionally, there is limited awareness about the locations of nearby donation camps where people can donate their scrap for reuse.
  • No Tracking: Without a proper system, it becomes difficult for individuals to monitor the amount of scrap they generate. This lack of data makes it challenging to quantify their contribution to waste generation and take meaningful steps to reduce it.

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Our Approach in Scrap Collection App Development

Planning and Research

We researched to understand the challenges faced in managing and disposing of scrap materials. This involved gathering requirements and feedback from potential users to identify their pain points and desired features.

Design and Prototyping

The design process began with the creation of low-fidelity wireframes to visualize the app's user interface and navigation flow. These wireframes were then transformed into high-fidelity mockups and a visual style guide to ensure a consistent and appealing user experience throughout the app.


The development phase involved setting up the appropriate environment with Flutter, Dart, and necessary plugins. The core features of the app were integrated. The backend logic and APIs were developed to handle fetching and updating scrap prices, managing pickup requests, and storing user data.

Deployment and Launch

Preparations were made for the app's release by optimizing performance, reducing app size, and addressing any remaining issues.

Maintenance and Updates

Continuous efforts were made to monitor user feedback and app store reviews to identify areas for improvement. Regular updates were pushed to introduce new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

Results and Values Delivered

Enhanced User Experience

The app offers a simple and smooth user interface, ensuring a seamless experience for users. Additionally, users can personalize the app's appearance by switching between different theme modes. A dedicated profile screen allows users to manage their personal information and settings conveniently.

Streamlined Scrap Management

Users can view current scrap prices, enabling accurate valuation of their materials. The app facilitates scheduling scrap pickups at convenient times, with flexible options to choose preferred slots for pickup days and times. Order management is straightforward, allowing users to cancel or edit orders easily.

Rewards and Incentives

To incentivize participation, the app rewards users with coins for each sale or donation of scrap materials. Users can accumulate badges, which serve as a visual representation of their progress and contributions to environmental conservation efforts.

Environmental Awareness

The app provides users with access to details on nearby donation camps, making it easier to support scrap recycling initiatives. Users can stay informed about the latest news and developments in the scrap industry through a dedicated section within the app.


User data security is a top priority, and the app incorporates Firebase email-password and Google authentication for secure login and data protection.


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