Project Brief

Prioxis expertly managed a project transitioning a client from TeamCity to Azure DevOps, aiming to modernize their development environment. This shift was designed to improve the client's development and deployment processes, making them more efficient and scalable. By employing Azure Migration Tools and focusing on a seamless transition, we have redefined the benchmarks for successful cloud migration strategies.

By optimizing our Azure cloud migration services, we facilitated better integration with cloud services, enhanced the client’s ability to handle projects of any size, and improved their overall operational efficiency. The project focused on a smooth azure data migration with minimal disruption, ensuring the client could immediately benefit from the enhanced capabilities of Azure DevOps.

Business Goals

  • Enhance Scalability: Transition to a platform that supports scalable growth and dynamic workloads.
  • Improve Integration: Achieve seamless integration of CI/CD pipelines with cloud services.
  • Boost Efficiency: Leverage cloud-native tools for increased operational efficiency and agility.
  • Optimize Costs: Reduce overheads by moving to a cost-effective, cloud-based infrastructure.


  • Complex Migration: Migrating from a premises environment to a cloud environment without disrupting existing workflows.
  • Data Integrity: Ensuring data migration with zero data loss or downtime.
  • Tool Compatibility: Ensuring seamless integration of Azure DevOps with existing tools and services.

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  • Azure Infrastructure

Our Migration Approac

Assessment and Planning

Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the client’s TeamCity setup, followed by meticulous planning for a phased, minimal-disruption migration to Azure DevOps, ensuring timelines and milestones were clearly defined.

Azure Tools Utilization

Customized and leveraged Azure migration tools and services to efficiently migrate repositories, build configurations, and data, tailoring the process to the client's specific needs.

Secure and Efficient Execution

Implemented rigorous security measures throughout the migration process, executed the transition in carefully managed phases, and adjusted strategies in real-time to address any issues, ensuring a secure and efficient migration.

Robust Testing and Transition Support

Ensured functionality and performance through extensive post-migration testing; provided team support and training for a smooth transition to Azure DevOps, integrating seamlessly with existing workflows.

Post-Migration Optimization

Delivered continuous support and optimization post-migration, enhancing the Azure DevOps setup based on feedback and performance metrics, ensuring ongoing improvement and alignment with business goals.

Results and Values Delivered with

Seamless Migration

Achieved a smooth transition with zero downtime, preserving data integrity and continuity.

Enhanced Performance

Significantly improved the performance and efficiency of the CI/CD pipeline.

Scalability and Flexibility

Enabled the client to scale operations seamlessly and adapt to market demands swiftly.


  • Operational Excellence

  • Cost Efficiency

  • Innovation Enablement

Operational Excellence

Streamlined operations with integrated tools and services in a cloud environment.

Highlight Technologies of the Project

  • Azure DevOps Services

    For integrated CI/CD pipelines and enhanced collaboration.

  • Azure Cloud Migration Services

    Ensuring a seamless transition to a cloud-native environment.

  • Azure SQL Databases & Azure Database Migration Service

    For efficient data migration and management.

  • Windows Server

    Providing a robust, secure foundation for hosting services and applications in the new cloud environment.

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