Project Brief

We made big improvements to our client's digital setup using Azure Cloud's powerful tools. Our project did several things at once: we moved from using just one Azure subscription to several, making it easier to manage resources and grow. We set up a special system called Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline to make software updates faster and more efficient, cutting down on the wait time to get new features out. We also made sure to tighten security by using something called Azure B2C authentication, which makes logging in smooth and safe for users. Plus, we improved how well a .NET Azure web app works, making it faster and more pleasing for users.

This work really shows off what we're good at, especially when it comes to moving services to Azure, including moving subscriptions and the whole cloud setup, as well as setting up Azure pipelines and making logins secure with Azure B2C. By looking at the whole picture, we've created a setup that can grow, works efficiently, and is secure, showing our dedication to being innovative and top-notch in cloud computing.

Business Goals

  • Scalable Architecture: Transition to a multi-subscription model for improved resource management and cost efficiency.
  • Accelerated Deployment: Implement a CI/CD pipeline to streamline development and facilitate rapid market entry.
  • Enhanced Security: Deploy Azure B2C authentication to ensure robust security and a seamless user experience.
  • Optimized Performance: Conduct thorough performance analyses and optimizations for critical applications.


  • Complex Migration: Transitioning from a single to multiple Azure subscriptions required meticulous planning and execution to avoid service disruptions.
  • Deployment Efficiency: Establishing a CI/CD pipeline to minimize manual intervention and errors.
  • Security and Authentication: Integrating Azure B2C authentication across all platforms without impacting user experience.

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Our Approach

Strategic Azure Cloud Services Integration

Leverage Azure Cloud IAAS and PAAS capabilities to align technology with business goals seamlessly.

Agile Development with Azure DevOps

Implement agile practices, enhanced by Azure DevOps pipeline and Azure CI/CD pipeline setup, for flexibility and efficiency.

Automated Azure Pipelines

Utilize Azure pipeline setup for continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD), reducing manual errors and speeding up software delivery.

Security-First Mindset with Azure B2C

Incorporate Azure B2C authentication and ASP.NET Core Azure AD B2C authentication to ensure the highest level of security and user privacy.

Performance Optimization for Cloud-Based Applications

Continuously analyze and optimize performance of Azure web applications, ensuring superior user experiences.

Scalable Solutions in the Cloud Environment

Design and deploy solutions leveraging Azure Cloud services, ensuring scalability and adaptability to evolving business needs.

Values Delivered

Seamless Azure Migration Services

Successfully managed Azure subscription migration and Azure cloud migration, ensuring uninterrupted service and optimized resource management.

Efficient Azure CI/CD Pipeline Implementation

Established robust Azure pipelines, significantly enhancing deployment times and reducing manual intervention.

Enhanced Security with Azure B2C Authentication

Implemented comprehensive security measures using Azure B2C, bolstering trust without compromising user experience.

Optimized .NET Azure Web Application Performance

Conducted thorough performance optimizations, leading to enhanced efficiency and user satisfaction.

Agility and Scalability in Azure Cloud

Delivered a flexible and scalable cloud environment using Azure Cloud services, perfectly adapting to changing business requirements.

Cost-Effective Azure Cloud Solutions

Achieved improved cost management through strategic use of Azure Cloud migration tools, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure Backup.

Rapid Adaptability to Market Changes

Accelerated development cycles enabled by Azure DevOps pipeline, allowing for quicker adaptation to market changes and user feedback.

Comprehensive Cloud-Based Solutions

Leveraged a wide range of Azure services, including Azure migration tools and Azure database migration service, to provide holistic cloud solutions.

Benefits of Our Azure Cloud Transformation

  • Resource Management and Cost Efficiency

  • Faster Software Development

  • Enhanced Security Measures

  • Boosted Performance and Satisfaction

Resource Management and Cost Efficiency

Our approach allows for smarter use of resources and better budget control, making it easier to adjust as needs change.

Highlighting our technology expertise

  • Azure Migration Services

    Facilitated a complex subscription migration process.

  • Azure DevOps Pipeline

    Enabled continuous integration and deployment.

  • Azure B2C Authentication

    Ensured secure and seamless user authentication.

  • Azure Cloud Services

    Provided a robust framework for building and managing applications.

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