Project Brief

At Prioxis, our mission is to merge innovation with sustainability, a vision brought to life through our WindMill IoT Energy Management System. This ambitious project was conceived to tackle the complex challenges of modern energy management by leveraging the latest in IoT technology and cloud computing. Powered by Microsoft Azure and engineered using .NET Core and C#.Net.

this system stands as a beacon of our commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions.

Business Goals

  • Seamless IoT Integration: To integrate advanced IoT solutions for enhanced turbine control and predictive maintenance, ensuring operational efficiency
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Implement a system for continuous, real-time monitoring across wind farms, optimizing energy output and facilitating informed decision-making
  • Strategic Business Insights: Leverage IoT for deeper operational insights, aiding strategic planning and performance optimization


  • Geographical Variability: Accurately managing energy generation across diverse locations, each with unique environmental factors
  • Real-Time Data Processing: Ensuring the back-office system could handle real-time monitoring and data processing for multiple windmills
  • Prediction Accuracy: Developing a reporting engine to minimize financial penalties by closely aligning predicted and actual energy generation
  • Adhering to Enterprise-Grade SLA: Adhering to strict SLAs regarding system availability, reliability, security, and scalability

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Our Approach in Developing Azure IoT Energy Management Solutions

Azure IoT for Device Management

Enabling streamlined device configuration and communication.

Real-Time Data Processing

Utilizing Azure Stream Analytics for immediate insights.

Comprehensive Monitoring Interface

A back-office web interface for detailed energy tracking and reporting.

Predictive Analytics

A machine learning model to forecast energy production accurately, considering various environmental factors.

Outcomes & Values Delivered

Azure Certified IoT Infrastructure

Ensuring wind farms are powered by scalable and secure technology.

Real-time Monitoring

Through a back-office web interface, enabling detailed energy generation tracking.

Advanced Reporting

Integration with PowerBI for complex report generation, streamlining data analysis and decision-making.


An all-on-cloud platform with no additional DevOps costs, enhancing operational efficiency.

Accurate Predictions

Leveraging machine learning for near-accurate energy predictions, significantly reducing penalties related to energy prediction inaccuracies.



Benefits of Implementing Energy Management Solutions

  • Secure Financial Planning

  • Accurate Payroll Calculation

  • Managerial Insights via Dashboard

  • Real-Time Access & Predictive Analytics

  • GDPR Compliance

Secure Financial Planning

Provides robust tools for managing mortgage and protection plans, securing clients' financial futures.

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