Having trouble seeing your software development project through to completion?

Large-scale project recovery: Creating new efficiencies while lowering risks

As a lifeline for enterprises needing immediate attention and companies operating software-related services, we offer consultation and ad hoc intervention into core and peripheral software systems. We assist you in clearing roadblocks, navigating game-changing issues, and acting quickly to address pressing issues.

Choose The Right Software Project Rescue Company

Prioxis can assist you in getting these initiatives back on track, whatever the reason. We have extensive experience and competence in rescuing projects of all sizes, whether they are operational or business vital.

Leverage agile software development rescue services built by the top 1% of rescue teams to enhance your project expertise with Microsoft-endorsed solutions.

  • Complete Project Audits and Software Checks

  • Expert Advice on Critical Technologies

  • Full Development and Hosting Solutions

Project Rescue And Support Services We Offer

  • Code redeeming

  • Patching software up

  • App modernization

  • New builds

  • Bug fix

  • Business consulting

Code redeeming

Our custom software project recovery services organization will locate source code that has strayed from either generated executables or web servers.

Why Choose Prioxis As Your Software Project Rescue Partner? Driving Business Value Through Software Development Project Ideas

Prioxis is not just an ordinary software project rescue company, we understand that the software is not just a technological shift- it's a catalyst for business transformation.

Numbers That Verify Excellence

Years of Experience
Projects Delivered
Certified Developers
Development Hours Worked
On-Time, Within Budget Deliveries

Our experience spans over 100+ successful projects, highlighting our proficiency in delivering industry-specific project rescue solutions. Choosing Prioxis means opting for a promise of quality, efficiency, and strategic software project rescue service.


Our expert software engineers provide expert custom strategies to meet your unique software solution needs.


A trusted software project rescue service partner for your enterprise for a seamless development process in real-time.


We're your prime axis for digital excellence & our expert business analysts leave no crumbs when it comes to software development project ideas.

Industries We Empower

Through Custom Software Project Rescue Service

Where industry borders end, our custom software project rescue service begins, designed to elevate your business regardless of the sector.

Prioxis: The Way to Embracing Unique Solutions

Our professionals at Prioxis are skilled at taking over an ongoing project and seeing it through to completion. Our committed software project rescue teams assess the project's development gaps and get it closer to its completion while maintaining consistency with your vision.

Our software project rescue services build a large, open structure that is secured following normal security regulations. In addition, we go above and above to turn around your failed IT projects and produce outstanding outcomes.

Key Advantages Of Our Software Project Rescue Services

Risk Management

Following the identification, evaluation, classification, and prioritization of risks associated with a software project, we implement preventive measures to ensure that the most critical concerns are avoided or at least mitigated.

Data Protection

Prioxis offers strong user data protection by integrating numerous data encryption and pseudonymization methods, such as AES, RSA, or Twofish, advanced data recovery capabilities, and compliance with standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and others.


We create system and user documentation for project requirements, designs, architecture design descriptions, source code reviews, help programming language guides, user manuals, and tutorials while adhering to standard Agile methods.

Are You Ready To Do Your Software Project Rescue?

Software Project Rescue Services We Offer

Performance Engineering

Overconsumption of resources quickly raises maintenance expenses. Increased costs do not avert downturns. IT developers analyze system performance by identifying bottlenecks and scaling intelligently.

Project Rescue Strategy

Precise planning is crucial for getting back on track. Our developers review your project and give you an action plan that includes actions to instantly stabilize your program and, eventually, improve performance.

Analysis and Validation

Some projects may not allow for a cost estimate or plan. We will explain why this is relevant to your project. If this happens, it is better to start a tiny pilot assignment, complete a piece of functionality, or do a project audit.

Are you ready to create something amazing out of your troubled projects?

We Provide Assistance in Choosing, Developing, and Overseeing Various Custom Software Solutions.


Our Software Project Rescue Services Process

  1. Consultation

    Our rescue journey begins with an in-depth analysis. This phase involves defining the target user base, core functionalities, and the specific challenges our solution aims to address. We engage in thorough market research to ensure our approach is well-informed and targeted.

  2. Design

    Once we’ve established the project’s requirements, our UI/UX design team sets out to create a detailed road map and wireframe for the rescue. Upon receiving client approval, our skilled designers transform these blueprints into interactive prototypes, establishing a dynamic user experience foundation.

  3. Development

    Our Agile-driven custom software rescue process enables our certified developers to expertly transform your concepts into scalable, future-forward software rescues. We ensure regular progress updates, keeping you informed every step of the way.

  4. Testing & QA

    Quality assurance is non-negotiable. Our rigorous testing protocols catch bugs early and ensure that the software rescue meets all performance, security, and functionality criteria from code reviews and unit tests to load testing, all conducted by our skilled testing and QA experts.

  5. Launch

    Launching your software is a critical step, and we’re here to guide you through it. Our team provides continuous support to ensure a successful debut on your chosen platform, focusing on bug-free performance and a seamless user experience.

  6. Evolve

    Once deployed, We offer extensive post-launch services, from maintenance to continual improvements ensuring your software evolves with your business goals and tech trends. We’re committed to your long-term success.

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  • 01

    How can I reduce the likelihood of software project failure?

    • You can take the following strategies to reduce the chances of software project failure: Keep your project objectives clear, conduct detailed project planning and risk assessment, use an agile or iterative software development approach, establish clear communication and collaboration with stakeholders and clients, ensure strategic and optimal resource usage, perform regular quality assurance throughout the project, prepare a backup plan to handle potential faults and updates, and use lessons acquired from previous mistakes to improve your chances of success in the future.

  • 02

    Is software project rescue outsourcing an effective solution?

    • Yes, outsourcing expert project rescue services can be a realistic alternative in some situations. It enables enterprises to use external expertise and resources to save damaged projects, speed up recovery, and minimize expenses. To ensure effective outcomes, it is necessary to carefully select a dependable outsourcing partner with suitable experience and a demonstrated track record in project rescue.

  • 03

    Can I hire only one developer on demand if I don't require the complete team?

    • You can pick and choose as much as you like. We are pleased to assist you in forming an efficient Dedicated Development Team for full-time software engineering or outsourcing developers to supplement your existing team. In the latter instance, our staff will become an organic extension of your team, serving as a remote arm.

  • 04

    How should I budget for post-project support expenses?

    • When budgeting for post-project support costs, consider the procedures below: Determine the projected duration of the support phase, estimate the resources needed, including persons and toolkits, evaluate probable maintenance and troubleshooting needs, calculate any recurring expenses, such as software licensing or subscription fees, consider any contract commitments or service-level agreements, create a reserve fund for unanticipated problems or additional assistance needs, and during the support phase, examine the budget regularly and make any necessary adjustments.

  • 05

    What is it going to cost me?

    • If your project budget is unknown or you wish to learn more about our rates, please let us know. We can create a full cost sheet and identify the most suitable engagement model for you. Our goal is to provide you with as much freedom as possible while simultaneously minimizing our risks.

  • 06

    What are the major components of a software project rescue plan?

    • A great rescue software project strategy includes several critical factors: Determine the root reason for a failed software project, including WHY, make the "Save or Not to Save" decision, engage with stakeholders to reset their expectations, create a realistic road map and a sound IT project recovery plan. Other reasons may include reevaluating technological options, managing resource restrictions, and providing effective strategy consulting services.

  • 07

    How do you structure a software project?

    • Prioxis' full stack development structure consists of multiple steps, which are: BA and Estimation, Design, Build, Testings, and Deployment. When dealing with projects that have been taken over, the project development roadmap appears to alter slightly. If you are unsure how to arrange your project development or where to begin, we provide consultation services to assist you.

  • 08

    We're not sure what's wrong with a present project; will Prioxis help?

    • Yes, we can. One of the advantages of Prioxis' software rescue agency is that we keep our clients informed throughout the procedure. Following an initial assessment of your project's status, we offer you a description of all our proposed steps, as well as Business Process Model and Notation diagrams that explain what went wrong and how we intend to correct it.

  • 09

    Can Prioxis help with software project scalability?

    • Yes, Prioxis specializes in making software projects scalable. Whether you need to quickly increase your development team or trim resources during downtime, our flexible engagement models enable seamless scalability.

  • 10

    What role does effective communication play in ensuring software project success?

    • Clear and honest communication among team members, stakeholders, and clients promotes alignment with project objectives, expectations, and schedules. It fosters a collaborative environment, enabling fast issue resolution, input integration, and adaptation to changing requirements.